Over the course of my career, I have had a few near misses at huge success.  Sure, I have several books published, but I am talking about name being well known in the industry. I wrote an episode for Star Trek the Next Generation when I was younger, but the show was shut down during our talks.  I wrote a movie script that I was working with USA Television and those bombed out.  My point is that someone could look at those and say, screw it, I am out.  I probably would have if I were seeking fame. However, I write because I enjoy it.

There are several reasons why people enjoy writing.  Some write because they love the manipulation of the words, others because they feel they have something important to say, and still others, like me, write to tell a story that I would love to see or read.  I write for pure enjoyment of where the story goes and then if I get to share it with others that is a bonus.  I may not have deep characters or the next quotable Dickens character, bah humbug.  However, I have a story I dig, and frankly, that is enough for me.

If you are not enjoying your writing, please just stop.  You can save yourself years or at the very least months, of frustration.  The publishing industry today is not structured for the quick win and jump to stardom.  There is a chance, but last stat I read says you have a better chance of winning the lottery.  Jumping to stardom from writing a movie script even less odds in your favor.

I don’t say all of this to discourage you, far from it.  Rise to stardom from writing is a long haul and you may never reach it.  Don’t focus on the destination, focus on the journey.  Write because you enjoy the journey, not because you think there is a pot of gold in your future.  There may be.  However, make that a pleasant surprise, not the driving force for the journey.

Here is a link to an interview a few years back of several authors who write for a living.  An interesting perspective.





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