There are many writers who seek inspiration in different areas and a question I am asked occasionally is do I write with music? It got me thinking on how music inspires my writing and I wanted to start a discussion around that. I have to be able to hear my own thoughts so it is difficult for me to write with any music going on, however, I absolutely need music to inspire my writing.  Here is a trick I learned that may help those out there with similar challenges.

I psyche myself up before writing by listening to music that is relevant to what I am writing. For example, if I am writing a huge action scene with heroic efforts, maybe I will listen to the theme song for Superman.  If it is a touching moment between a father and child, maybe Butterfly Kisses, and my go to for most everything else is a hit from the 80’s.  I am a huge fan of 80’s music and I find that many songs pull on the original emotions to when I heard the tune.  If I was sad and heard Losing my Religion, then when I need to write about sadness, I will put on that song.

For every emotion, you have or want to write about, there is a song that can be used to put you in the mood.  Music is wonderful in this way.  The challenge is to find that. I have a friend who writes and his emotions are ties to rap songs.  You would not think that listening to a rap song could put you in the mood for love, but it does for him.  I have another friend that has to listen to heavy metal before writing a love scene.  It is bizarre to me, but works for them.  The key is to find the tune that is your muse.  If you have not used music to inspire your writing, give it a shot, it might just help you pour more emotion into your craft.


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